The Vision Venue

If You Have The Vision...We Have The Venue

Philadelphia's #1 Small Business Consulting Firm and Pop Up Store!

What is The Vision Venue, LLC?

              The Vision Venue, LLC is the newest, most innovative platform for entrepreneurs to grow their business in the Philadelphia area. The desire for entrepreneurship amongst millennials continues to rise. The Vision Venue, LLC is a small business consulting firm dedicated to educating and elevating all those with a vision for self-success. Whether you are a small business, non-profit, author, model, artist, or entertainer there is an outlet for you at The Vision Venue. Our unique suite of products and services help our clients grow from concept to reality.    

What is the Pop Up Store?

The Pop Up Store is the first co-retail store created by The Vision Venue. It is not your ordinary “Pop-Up Mall”. It does not come for a season. It is not a flea market. It does not move from venue to venue. It is a Pop Up Store, a permanent, brick and mortar, 3000 square foot retail store located in the heart of the historical South Street District. This unique space can feature 20-24 vendors at a time  and is conveniently equipped with 3 dressing rooms for shopper convenience. It also features large display windows making it extremely visible to the curious South Street shoppers. 

“We want to be the most successful, innovative, and entertaining platform to connect growing businesses with customers.                                                                                                                           
                                                                                                                                     - The Vision Venue Team