The Vision Venue

  A Visionary Platform

What is The Vision Venue, LLC?

              The Vision Venue, LLC is an innovative platform for minority entrepreneurs to grow their business. The Vision Venue, LLC is a Small Business Consulting Firm and Online Community dedicated to educating and elevating all those with a vision for self-success. Whether you are a small to medium size business, non-profit, author, model, artist, or entertainer there is an outlet for you at The Vision Venue. Our unique suite of products and services help our clients grow from concept to reality.   
We've helped 1000's of entrepreneurs with our services including LLC filing, Non-Profit formation, trademark services, graphic and website design, marketing, business coaching, and more through our ONE STOP SHOP Business Consulting Firm. Our events  include workshops, conferences, and vending events which are a big attraction and bring lots of culture, fun, and collaboration to every community we enter.

       We have been featured on BET, OWN, Power 99 Radio, WDAS Radio, WWDB-AM Radio, Channel 10 News, South Jersey Home Journal, The Philadelphia Tribune, and more. Some of our noteworthy sponsors included ATT, Comcast/Xfinity, and The United Bank of Philadelphia.

“We want to be the most successful, innovative, and entertaining platform to develop small businesses and connect them with real customers.                                                                                                                           
The Vision Venue Team

Meet Our CEO!


             Brittany Williams is currently the CEO of The Vision Venue, LLC.  As a VP in the Banking Industry, Brittany learned the ins and outs of business management, finance, and corporate communications. After launching a couple different start ups, self publishing a book, creating a Business Network for women entrepreneurs, and co-founding a Christian Ministry with her husband, she had a vision to start something that would not only benefit her own business but the business development of her entire community. She took on The Vision Venue, LLC full time and created one of the most innovative platforms for entrepreneurs to grow their business in the Philadelphia area. She currently works full time as Business Consultant, Event Planner, and Motivational Speaker in efforts to continue to grow The Vision Venue, LLC and educate and create opportunities for minority small businesses across the United States.